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The Blue Maiden Seed Package

19 Varieties of Heirloom / Non-Hybrid / Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated Seeds

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The Blue Maiden

The Blue Maiden Seed Package includes corn, squash and beans: the three inseparable "sisters" that grow and thrive together. The tradition of planting corn, beans and squash in the same mounds – widespread among Native American farming societies – is a sophisticated, sustainable system that provides long-term soil fertility and a healthy diet.

To round out the package for our gardeners we added a variety of our customers’ favorite choices.

See below for package & seed storage information.

pole bean - scarlet runner Bean, Pole – Scarlet Runner 4 oz.* 100 seeds
Goldrush Wax Bean Bean, Wax Bush Goldrush4 oz.360 seeds
Long Island Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts, Long Island1/4 oz. 2,000 seeds
celery  Celery, Utah 1/4 oz. 17,000 seeds
  Golden Bantam Corn
Corn, Golden Bantam 8 4 oz. 440 seeds
Indian Corn  Corn, Indian 4 oz.400 seeds
Boston Pickling Cucumber  Cucumber, Pickling – Boston 1 oz. 1,800 seeds
Long Purple Eggplant  Eggplant, Long Purple 1/2 oz. 4,000 seeds
Large American Flag Leek  Leek, Large American Flag 1/2 oz. 5,000 seeds
Cantaloupe MelonMelon, Cantaloupe – Hales Best Jumbo 4 oz. 4,000 seeds
Honeydew MelonMelon, Honeydew – Green Flesh 4 oz. 3,200 seeds
White Sweet Spanish OnionOnion, White Sweet Spanish 1/2 oz. 4,000 seeds
Crystal White Wax Pickling OnionOnion, Pickling – Crystal White Wax 1/2 oz. 4,000 seeds
Pepper, Hot - Jalapeno Early
Pepper, Hot – Jalapeno Early
 1/4 oz. 1,575 seeds
Sugar Pie PumpkinPumpkin, Sugar Pie 4 oz. 800 seeds
Pink Banana Jumbo Winter SquashSquash, Winter – Pink Banana Jumbo 4 oz. 440 seeds
Rhubarb Swiss ChardSwiss Chard, Rhubarb 1/2 oz. 770 seeds
Purple Cherokee TomatoTomato, Cherokee Purple
 150 seeds
White Globe Purple Top TurnipTurnip, Purple Top White Globe 1 oz. 12,000 seeds

*Seeds sold by weight. All seed counts are approximate

Our Price for The Blue Maiden Seed Package: $108

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Packaging: Each seed variety ships in thick, triple-layered, food-grade, re-sealable, Mylar bags. Our Mylar packaging will significantly increase the shelf-life of your garden seeds.

Normal Storage Conditions: Shelf-life varies based on the individual seeds. Under normal storage conditions, some varieties (like onions & carrots) will last about 2 years. Other seed varieties will last from 3-7 years.

Long-Term Storage: Refrigerate seeds to ensure viability during long-term storage. Refrigeration will extend the shelf-life of your seeds by 3-5 additional years.