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Pumpkin, Sugar Pie
Pumpkin, Sugar Pie

Pumpkin, Sugar Pie

Product Description
Small, round to somewhat flattened shape producing 7 to 10 inch pumpkins that weigh 5 to 7 pounds. Very sweet as the name implies. Fine-grained, yellow-orange flesh. Excellent choice for pies, soup, muffins and more. Great for canning. Stores well for months.
Maturity in approximately 85 days.

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Planting Instructions

Sun Exposure: Full

Sowing Method: Direct sow in rows or on mounds

When to Sow: At least 2 to 4 weeks after your last frost when soil is consistently above 60° - 70° F.

Space Required: Even the smaller pumpkins like a lot of space

If Planting in Rows

Seed Depth: 1” - 1 ½” deep

Plant Spacing: 48”

Row Spacing: 36”

If Planting on Mounds

Seed Depth: 1” - 1 ½” deep

Seed Spacing: 3 - 4 seed per mound

Mound Spacing: 4 - 6 feet 

Germinates in: 7 - 10 days 

Germination Temp: 75° - 90° 

Matures in: Approx. 85 days 

Mature Height: 10” vines on average