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Non-GMO Heirloom Garden Seeds

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our new and returning gardeners. Whether you’re planning your garden for the 2016 growing season or making long-term plans to ensure sustainable food production in uncertain times, we have what you need.

Customize your seed selection for heirloom veggies, melons and herbs. Our selections are filled with family favorites. If you’re stocking a Seed Bank to invest in the security of your family’s future, check out our Specialty Seed Packages.

It’s Not Just Gardening – It’s a Lifestyle

You make gardening decisions and food choices that are in keeping with your family’s lifestyle. You made a commitment to putting healthy, wholesome food on your family’s table. Let us help you honor that commitment.

Offering Only Heirloom, Non-GMO Garden Seed

To grow a great garden, first start with great seed. Jebadiah Fisher offers only heirloom varieties of the freshest, high-quality garden seed from reliable, well-known cultivars. Nothing here is genetically modified.

These days enjoying healthful herbs and vegetables means you grow your own. The produce available at your grocery store is nearly all grown from genetically modified seed. Given the potential health risks, we think they should come with warning labels, too. 

Quality Heirloom Seeds at Affordable Prices

What’s the alternative? We don’t think its specialty stores that charge a premium for produce. Paying designer prices for food created in nature doesn’t make sense to us either.

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed is relatively new to the gardening landscape of heirloom seed suppliers. We came for a reason. We came with a mission. Offer great value at great prices. It’s that simple.

Our small family comes from a long tradition of farmers and home growers. We consider ourselves good people from earthy stock. For us, families matter. Relationships matter. We’ve been growing our own gardens for generations and ordering garden seeds for decades. Finally, we said enough with predatory pricing for a pinhead of seed. 

Sure, we encourage you to visit other sites. We don’t mind being compared to the competition. Our favorite phrase around here: “What competition!” Go ahead and do some pricing comparisons. Count the heirloom seeds you get for the prices others are charging. We’ll be here when you get back.

Ready for a new Pricing Paradigm? Fancy phrase for a simple notion, really. Treat folks with respect. Engage in responsible pricing. That means no price gouging. 

Ready for a company that treats you like family? We’re never too busy for you. Visit our blog. Begin a dialogue with Tara, our very own gardening expert. Ask for gardening advice. Tell us about your gardening experiences. 

Find us on Facebook. Gather to share photos from your garden. The more the merrier. Jebadiah will pop in from time-to-time to tell you about specials and new arrivals. 

Enjoy Abundance in its truest form – food for the table, food for family & friends, food for an uncertain future!

We welcome you into the Jebadiah Fisher gardening family. We hope you’ll welcome us into yours.

~ Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed 

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Jebadiah Fisher offers a variety of Heirloom, Non-GMO Garden Seeds (vegetables, melons & herbs) available in 

bulk and in smaller quantities to suit your specific requirements. Seeds ship in food-grade, heat-sealed, reusable, Mylar bags to ensure freshness & viability.

Welcome home!


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