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Garlic Chives
Allium tuberosum - Heirloom / Non-GMO
garlic chives

Perennial. Also known as Chinese leeks. Resembles regular chives, but leaves are flat. Distinct, mild garlic flavor. Attractive grass-like leaves and umbels of delicate white flowers are both edible. Delicious in sauces, soups and a variety of dishes. Easy to grow. Ideally suited for containers, beds and edge-plantings. Pairs well with flowers, vegetables or other herbs in your garden.

Height: 12 inches.

Approximately 85 days to maturity.

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Garlic Chives (1 gram, approx. 250 seeds) *

PRICE: $2 per gram

*Seeds sold by weight. All seed counts are approximate.

Planting Instructions

  • Full Sun
  • Sow seeds 1/8” to 1/4” deep
  • Space/thin 18" apart in garden
  • Germinates in approx. 10-14 days
  • Matures in approx. 85 days


Sow seeds directly into the garden from early Spring through Summer. Garlic chives prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade.Rich, loamy, well-drained soil is best. Cover seed with 1/8- 1/4 inch of fine soil. Firmly tamp down soil after sowing.

Care & Harvesting

Harvest outer leaves cutting just above ground level with a knife. Use leaves fresh or dry them before plants flower as they lose flavor and texture after that point.   Keep plants well watered in summer. Divide crowded clumps every 2 years.   Snip leaves at the base frequently to encourage growth.

Use in Cooking

Garlic Chives make the perfect addition to salads, soups, stir-fry, spreads, flavored vinegars, and a variety of ethnic recipes.Leaves and flowers can also be used to infuse a hint of garlic into sauces.  


Leaves can be dried for later use.  Fresh leaves freeze well in airtight containers or plastic bags.