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Corn, Indian
Corn, Indian

Corn, Indian

Product Description
Rainbow colored Indian corn. Large ears. Open pollinated. Use Indian Corn for ground corn products. The kernels from this variety are great for making popcorn and for grinding into corn flower. Can also be cracked and used for fowl/livestock feed.

Maturity in approximately 110 days.

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Planting Instructions

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Sowing Method: Direct seed 

When to Sow: 

  •  1 to 2 weeks after all danger of frost when soil temperature is above 55°
  •  Plant a second crop about 3 weeks later to extend harvest 

Planting Depth: 1” to 2” deep 

Plant Spacing: 12” apart 

Row Spacing: 24” to 36” between rows 

Germinates in: 7 - 12 days 

Germination Temp: 70° - 80° - corn will not germinate if soil temp is less than 55° 

 Matures in: Approx. 110 days 

Mature plant size: Up to 6-foot stalks


Ready for harvesting about 3 weeks after silk appears. Harvest when ears are plump and silks are brown but not dried.