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Bean, Pole – Blue Lake
Bean, Pole – Kentucky Blue

Bean, Pole – Kentucky Blue

Product Description

The Kentucky Blue pole bean is an heirloom All-American Selections winner that combines two of the greatest pole beans: Kentucky Wonder and Blue Lake. The plant produces large crops of dark green, tender, sweet, stringless,straight pods that are 7-9 inches in length. A heavy yielder, right up until frost. Ripens 1-2 weeks earlier than other pole varieties.

Maturity in approximately 60 days.



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Planting Instructions

Sun Exposure:Full sun
Growth Habit: Climbing
Sowing Method:Direct seed
When to Sow:After ALL danger of frost has passed – important not to plant green beans too early
Seed Depth: 1” – 1 ½” deep
Plant Spacing: In a row, 4" apart
Row Spacing: 24” – 30”
Germinates in:7 15 days
Germination Temp:65 – 85 degrees
Matures in:Approx. 60 days
Mature Size: 7” – 9” pods
Mature Height: 6 - 9 feet