Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

Non-GMO Heirloom Garden Seeds

About our Specialty Bulk Seed Packages

All Varieties offered are Heirloom, Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated Garden Seed

If you garden to share your harvest at farmers markets, you’ll find a Jebadiah Fisher Specialty Bulk Seed Package that’s perfect for your needs.

If you grow for your own family, don’t forget to consider your needs beyond the upcoming growing season. Do you have a good selection, and quantity, of seed set aside for long-term storage? We purchase only the highest quality seed and we send them to you fresh. We package our seeds when you place your order, not before.

Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Gardening

In these uncertain times, Food Independence – having the ability to feed your family from your own garden – is an essential and prudent preparation. Emergency Preparedness goes beyond prudent planning. If you have a family to feed, investing in a well-stored seed bank is a moral imperative. Securing the ability to feed your family, friends, and neighbors also positions you to make a real difference should the need ever arise.

For the “uncertainty-scenario” only heirloom seeds will do. Ensuring sustainable crops year-after-year means relying only on non-hybrid, non-GMO, open-pollinated seed varieties. With the proper seed-saving steps, you will have a steady, endless supply of seeds for many growing seasons – for generations if needed. All of our seeds are lab-tested to provide a minimum germination rate of 85%, with many varieties exceeding that!

Bulk Heirloom Garden Seeds at Fair Prices

We see what other seed companies are charging for what they term seed vaults and survivalist packages. Frankly we’re outraged. Competitor seed companies pedaling Self-Sufficiency will happily sell you packages containing a small amount of seed at inflated prices. How will that help you feed your family if times get tough? It won’t! Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed is a company with a conscience.

We’ve carefully chosen an assortment of our best seeds and given you a huge amount of them. Our guiding principle: Generosity! With more than sufficient food to feed your own family, our packages allow you to share with your friends and neighbor. Feel secure that you can still enjoy a bountiful harvest no matter what.

Jebadiah Fisher continues to offer our three very popular Bulk Seed Packages. What we’ve put together for you leaves us feeling pretty inspired!