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About our Medicinal Herbs Package

All Herbs are Heirloom / Non-Hybrid / Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated Seeds

The Starter Medicinal Herbs Package was specifically designed as a "starter" pack for the gardener looking to establish a medicinal herb crop. These particular plants were chosen with the beginner-to-intermediate gardener in mind. Culled from among the more forgiving, easy-to-grow cultivars, these selections are likely to thrive under less than ideal growing conditions. These eight plants possess considerable medicinal value covering many common ailments, conditions and basic situations that most people are likely to encounter.

In The Starter Medicinal Herbs Package you will find varieties that act as a natural anti-inflammatory and boost your immune system. Many will provide relief from myriad skin ailments such as eczema, skin sores, insect bites/stings, burns, and help promote the healing of wounds. Several will assist with common digestive problems including colic & ulcers as well as relief from fevers, chronic infections, and from symptoms due to allergies and colds including coughs, excess phlegm, gum/mouth infections even sore eyes. This starter package for your medicinal herbs garden will even help you find relief from sleep disturbances, depression, anxiety/tension, and constipation.

We recommend the purchase of a comprehensive medicinal herb guide to help you in the expansion of your medicinal herbs and guide you in the preparation of tinctures, lotions, balms, salves and compresses.

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