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About our Culinary Herbs Package

All Herbs are Heirloom / Non-Hybrid / Non-GMO, Open-Pollinated Seeds

The culinary herbs you’ll find here are the ones considered most indispensable to cooking. These are the herbs cooks reach for first. They’re low maintenance, easy to grow, and have long been the staples of cupboards and kitchen gardens alike. So, for the beginner herb gardener, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of deciding which plants to include in your available space.

Each herb has a distinct taste and brings a unique flavor to food. Some have a more subtle, delicate, and refined character. Some add a fresh, bright, sparkling note to fresh-picked vegetables and recipes. While others have a characteristic flavor that is rich, intense and robust. Combined, herbs are amazing. We’ve also made sure you’ll find everything here to put together a perfect bouquet garni.

Calling all Cooks

If you embrace meal preparation for your family as an almost sacred task, if you elevate cooking to the level of culinary art, you’re in good company. We’ve said that we’re passionate about gardening, but we’ve seen the cooks in our family get downright dramatic and positively misty-eyed when talking about herbs. No doubt about it, fresh herbs make meals extraordinary. The wonderful aromas that waft from the kitchen when herbs are added to cooking can conjure powerful olfactory memories of wonderful times with family and friends.

The Kitchen Garden

The style of herb gardening referred to as kitchen gardens – and the one for which our family has a particular fondness – was introduced here by early colonists. It involves growing herbs alongside vegetables and flowers, in gardens just outside the kitchen door. Imagine what it’s like to open the kitchen window on a warm day!

Growing Herbs near a Sunny Window

But, we know that not everyone has the space for a kitchen garden. Even if you cultivate an herb garden during the growing season, there’s nothing quite like having fresh herbs to snip during the winter months. You’ll find that most of these herbs adapt beautifully to growing in containers near a sunny window.

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