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Squash, Summer – Crookneck
Squash - Summer Crookneck

Squash, Summer – Crookneck

Product Description
A warm weather crop as the name implies. Plant only after soil warms to at least 70 degrees. Summer Crookneck is a bush type plant that produces bumpy-textured, curve-necked fruits loved for their buttery flavor. Easy to grow. High-yielding. Keep picking, they’ll keep producing. Enjoy fresh, cooked or pickled. Best to harvest when about 8 inches long.

Maturity in approximately 50 to 55 days.

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Planting Instructions 

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Growth Habit: Bushy 

Sowing Method: Direct seed into hilled soil – mound up into small hills to allow soil to warm more quickly 

When to Sow: When soil temperature is at least 70 degrees 

Seed Depth: 1” deep 

Plant Spacing: 24” - 36” 

Row Spacing: 4 - 5 feet 

Germinates in: 7 - 10 days 

Germination Temp: 75° - 90° 

Matures in: Approx. 50 - 55 days 

Mature Height: 24” - 36”