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Bean, Shell – Pinto
Bean, Shell – Pinto

Bean, Shell – Pinto

Product Description

Beige with brown streaks when dry, turning a uniform brown when cooked. Harvest Pinto beans when the pods are dry, but before pods have split open. Pods can be snapped off branches at the base. Beans can be shelled out of the pod for storage.

Maturity in approximately 95 days.

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Planting Instructions

Sun Exposure: Full sun
Growth Habit:Bush Bean
Sowing Method:Direct seed
When to Sow:After all danger of frost has passed
Seed Depth:1 ½” – 2”
Row Spacing: 24” – 30” between rows
Germinates in: 7 – 18 days
Germination Temp:70° - 85°
Matures in: Approx. 95 days
Mature Height: 1 to 2 feet tall like most bush beans
Companion Plants:Corn